Free Member Publicity

AGC El Paso provides members with free publicity in a number of ways

News Release

New Members get a New Release and picture issued to local media announcing their joining AGC El Paso.

AGC Membership Roster

Each member receives a free listing in, and copy of, our annual printed AGC El Paso Membership Roster with selected statistics on our 3,000 member firms as well as 900 architects and engineers. Owners and thousands of contractors use this “who’s who” resource all year long to locate other contractors and suppliers indexed by specialty.

New Member Listing in The Bolt newsletter

New member firms’ names are listed in a monthly column “Membership Matters” the month following each firm’s join date;  they are also listed in the monthly The Bolt. In addition, names and general information for new members are posted on this web site for a three months following each firm’s join date.

Web Site

All member firms are listed in membership page of our web page feature of this web site. This feature allows other members to find you

AGC of America Directory of Membership and Services

Your firm’s name and general information are listed in the annual AGC of America Directory of Membership and Services, distributed to 34,000 firms across the nation. (New members must join by April 1 to be listed in the following year’s edition.)


AGC El Paso is looking to develop a “Speakers Network” is a panel of individuals from member firms who have volunteered to share their knowledge with others in the industry in a dinner meeting, classroom seminar, informal discussion group or lunch roundtable. If you are interested, please contact the AGC El Paso office at 585-1533.

Media Resource Group

AGC occasionally receives calls from business and local media asking about contacts in the construction industry, seeking a resource whose knowledge about a particular aspect of the construction industry can help educate the reporter and assist them in producing their story. If you are willing to be contacted by a business writer about a particular aspect of the industry, call us and we will add you t our media resource group.